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DIY Shutter Headboard from Salvaged Shutters

DIY Shutter Headboard
Do you like to repurpose things you found? I sure do! Nothing is better then finding things alongside the road left for the trash. I’ve been very lucky to find so many things. I know it seems odd, but that’s me. I’ve seen people put out the most amazing things and I have done that...More Please

20 Easy Globe and Map Projects for Your Home

Globe and Map Projects
Whether you love to travel or simply dream about doing so, decorating your home with globes and maps is a great way to remember that you are part of a larger world. These 20 Easy Globe and Map Projects for your home offer up some truly creative ways for you to fill your house with geographical...More Please

8 Steps to Build an Easy DIY Catio

Do find yourself wishing your indoor cats could be outside as they gaze through a window? For a lot of reasons, your beloved cats cannot always have the pleasure of roaming the neighborhood so here is an idea that can set them somewhat free! Use these 8 steps to build them an easy DIY Catio!...More Please