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Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Designs Ideas

Craft Room Design
Do you get bewildered when it comes to designing your craft room? Searching for the perfect furniture and storage can be overwhelming! There are so many things to choose from and how do you know exactly what is going to work for you? Here I am sharing with you some craft room ideas to help...More Please

Series 4: Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Supplies everywhere, right? Kinda makes it all overwhelming and often stops your creative process to the point you walk in the room only to walk back out again. Just exactly how do people get those beautiful spotless craft rooms you see on Pinterest? What you would give to have them come organize yours. Well wait...More Please

Series 2: Prepping and Painting Your Room

In series one we learned The Art of Color Theory, Color Psychology and Color Choices. Now that the color choices have been made for your Craft Room, it’s time to learn how the steps for prepping and painting your room. Painting a room is a chore no doubt but if you follow these steps, I...More Please

Craft Room Design and Organization Series

Just how do you go about designing and organizing your perfect craft room? What steps are involved? Where to shop for organizing? What things need to be considered? It can be overwhelming. In this Craft Room Design and Organization series, I will be going through every step and sharing with you checklists, supply lists, videos,...More Please