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About C.R.O.

What kinds of problems do you have when you start crafting? Missing supplies, can’t find something, can’t reach your tools?

Do you dream of an organized room like you see on Pinterest? Do you drool over those beautiful colored walls, matching furniture and organized supplies? I know I do. I have to admit though, I never see them crafting in them. The rooms I see where people actually craft are messy fun!

BUT, what if I give you the tools and education you need to set up a craft room that fulfills your every need? It’s all about design and organization and I’ve got some really great places and products for you! For example, take a look at StampnStorage. So many products great for organizing!

I love organizing and since I really never had one of the Pinterest Craft Rooms, I decided today was the day. That’s right. A recent move and a dedicated room complete with a sink, tons of storage, and natural light has inspired me to make this happen.

Join me on my journey as I teach you the principles of designing a craft room and organizing all my supplies so that my craft room becomes my happy place.

It's Me Laurie

My love of crafting started as a little girl with my mom and sisters. We spent a lot of happy times going to craft fairs all along the California coast. It was fun seeing what others would create on their own. My favorite was Sugar Plum which had gotten so big that you had to stand in line to get in.

We were all bitten by the “Craft Bug” and all of us crafted every holiday and soon we became the vendors in many craft fairs. Those are memories I cherish.

To this day, I still craft. I have tried every type of craft out there and I love teaching it to others so that they too can be proud of something they have made.

So not only will you learn about Craft Room Design and Organization, you will learn step by step just how to create some really awesome projects for your home, gifts and even to sell.

How does that sound?

I know I’m excited just writing about what I’m going to share with you! So jump in with both feet and sign up to receive every freebie I share along the way. It’s easy just fill out this form and you are on your way to Crafting, Organizing and Designing!

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