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Most Popular: Craft Room Design and Organization Series

Creating your dream Craft Room from beginning to end. 

Series of 8 articles including design, organization, storage ideas, safety considerations, and even a bonus on selling your handmade crafts. 

Free checklists, printables and ebook can be found in each article.

My love of crafting started as a little girl with my mom and sisters. We spent a lot of happy times going to craft fairs all along the California coast. It was fun seeing what others would create on their own. My favorite was Sugar Plum which had gotten so big that you had to stand in line to get in.

We were all bitten by the “Craft Bug” and all of us crafted every holiday and soon we became the vendors in many craft fairs. Those are memories I cherish.

To this day, I still craft. I have tried every type of craft out there and I love teaching it to others so that they too can be proud of something they have made. I’m also the queen of organization! I can’t work in a room that is not completely organized so let me help you with yours!